Daily Fantasy Sport

Most sports fans will think that they can do better than the head coaches of their favourite teams and clubs and now they can put their knowledge to the test with Daily Fantasy Sports. By signing up for an account by clicking any of the buttons on this page you can start predicting how well top players will perform – and win big money for doing so.

What are Daily Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports have been around for a while now and many of the big newspapers and websites run their season-long competitions – sometimes for cash prizes. They have been looked at as a chance to show your skill in picking the ultimate teams in a number of sports with football being a particular favourite.

But however enjoyable these fantasy sports are the problem is that they take all season to complete and sometimes – if you have done particularly badly over a couple of months – you have no chance of winning so the interest wanes.

This is where the daily fantasy sports competitions come in. They are – as the name suggests – quick turnaround contests where account holders make their selections in fantasy sports competitions that last just a day. Whereas traditional fantasy sports tournaments are based around groups of friends or colleagues with their own mini leagues, daily fantasy sports competitions take place wholly online, meaning that you can be up against thousands of other fantasy bosses.

With so many more people to pit your wits against there is a much bigger payout for the winners. And you don’t have to wait all season to find out whether you have won. These daily fantasy sports competitions are done and dusted when the day’s games finish. You can see why they might seem attractive to the everyday sports punter!

Signing Up With a DFS Bonus Code

As with other types of sports betting you will need to sign up for a customer account with one of the daily fantasy sport sites. If you have any experience of online sports betting this will be very familiar to you as the process is much the same.

Another thing that the daily fantasy sport sites have in common with sports betting is that they like to offer a DFS bonus code as a way of attracting you to their site – and also to activate whatever welcome promotion that they are running at the time.

With sports betting sites you will usually receive some kind of free bet or deposit match and it will be much the same with fantasy sports. You may also be able to enter a certain number of fantasy competitions for free – or get a money back guarantee. The DFS bonus code allows you to get a head start on your daily fantasy sport winnings risk free.

Types of Fantasy Sport Games

Just like online betting there are plenty of sports you can choose from when it comes to daily fantasy sports. Once you have used your DFS bonus code to sign up for an account you can explore what competitions your site has – whether it is football, NHL, NBA, golf, NFL, or even the emerging daily fantasy e-sport tournaments.

And then you can decide on which type of competition to go for. Some of these games will be better for beginners as you can get used to how to play and not have to stake too much. But you will soon find out which are your preferred methods of playing.

What DFS Game to Choose?

Different DFS sites will have their own variants but there are generally three main types of games:

  • 50/50s – Also known as ‘double ups’, these can sometimes have thousands of participants. The aim of the game is to make it into the top half of the competitors. That way you will get roughly double your entrance fee back. These types of games are particularly good for anyone new to DFS as you are more likely to get a return on your participation
  • Head-to-Head – Also known as H2H, this is a one on one affair where the winner takes all on whatever sports you have chosen. These can be a really good way of finding out about your chosen site’s way of working and are a real staple of daily fantasy sport competition
  • Group Prize Pools – Usually shortened to GPPS, these are the main events when it comes to DFS. The prize money is guaranteed whether all the places in a game are filled or not and the amounts can be very big indeed. The payouts are designed in a tiered way with a top heavy cash style very popular

Usually you will choose the sport you want to play with first and then search for your chosen style of game. There will be varying levels of entrance fee depending on how much you want to stake – and how confident you are in your abilities.

History of Daily Fantasy Sports

Traditional fantasy sports games and competitions have been around for quite a while now and are popular on both sides of the Atlantic. Whereas football is probably the biggest sport played in Ireland and also the UK, America goes big for their version of football – as well as NBA, NHL and most other major sports.

Daily fantasy sports sites started appearing around ten years ago and have become hugely popular due to their more immediate returns. Whereas many sports fans do enjoy the season long versions of the games – and see it as a test of their related sports knowledge – the daily version gets right to the point. And pays out straight away.

The convenience and speed of the games have really boosted DFS popularity and the introduction of mobile and tablet versions have meant that more people than ever are signed up for accounts with DFS sites such as DraftKings.

The visibility of some of the biggest DFS sites has grown amazingly with major tie-ins with some of the biggest sports teams and leagues in the United States and it could well be the same case on this side of the Atlantic.

The Growth of DFS

There is no doubt that the popularity of daily fantasy sports – and their related online sites – will only grow and grow. Already a huge business in America, the interest in both fantasy sports and also online sports betting means that there is a big appetite for DFS to be just as big in Europe.

Online sports betting will always stay just as big but fantasy sports brings a different element to sports predictions and also an audience that may not have always been into betting. Just as esports have started to be featured on some of the biggest betting sites on the market, DFS can also bring new customers into sports betting.


The Importance of a DFS Bonus Code

If you think you like the sound of daily fantasy sport competitions then you will need to sign up for an account as we have outlined above. And whoever you register with you should make sure that you do so with the DFS bonus code as it will really give you an advantage over your fellow players.

It depends on what the welcome gift is but knowing that you will automatically be getting your initial game fee back – or not having to pay at all to enter your first competition – means that you can get the hang of the game before you start playing for higher stakes. And if you start winning straight away then you will really be celebrating. Just click on any of the buttons on this page to go straight to the registration process at some of the biggest names in daily fantasy sports.

How to Win at Fantasy Sports

Now, if there were an easy answer to this then we would all be millionaires. But there are various things you can do to give yourself more of a chance of winning some money on your chosen site.

Firstly, make sure you do use a DFS bonus code when you sign up for an account as it will start paying back straight away. Then you should really do your research. A lot of people will think that they know everything about their sport and that will be enough to make some money. This is not always the case.

Make sure you know what exactly the points in your chosen game are given for. There is no point choosing a great central defender in a football game if more points are given for scoring than keeping clean sheets. The fantasy side that you choose may not be the best footballing team in real life but it is all about those fantasy points.

There are plenty of sites dedicated to hints and tips for winning big on fantasy sports and it could well be a good idea to take a look at some of them now and again if you want to start winning some money on a daily basis.


Explore the Wonderful World of DFS

Even for those of you already taking part in season long fantasy sport tournaments, there is no denying that the instant returns with DFS give an added extra to the games. The rise in popularity of fantasy sports has also been reported to given a boost to the sports themselves. Because more people have a vested interest in the games, more people are watching.

The growth of daily fantasy sports sites in the past few years has been phenomenal and it is likely to carry on in that vein as more sports fans discover this way of making money and testing themselves.

Without the season-long commitment you can start again afresh each day and choose a new team. Click on any of the buttons here to get started and activate your DFS bonus code to receive your welcome gift.

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